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What is Reiki?

Reiki is a non-invasive energy therapy with Japanese origins.  Its practice balances the body’s biofield and boosts the body’s capability to heal itself by bringing the body to state of relaxation.

During a Reiki session energy flows through the practitioner’s hands into deficient or constrained areas in the biofield. The energy pathways, known as meridians, are flooded with this universal energy helping an individual to begin to heal naturally.

This therapy can be beneficial for everyone - children, adults and even pets. Often symptoms of chronic or acute illness are reported to have lessened.  Reiki, before and after having medical procedures, helps with stress reduction and pain management.  It is so successful that today most hospitals offer it.

Sandra Smith is our Reiki Master at NNY Massage - if you would like to inquire or book a service please click on the Online Booking Tab to the left.




It's been a week since a had a Reiki treatment with Sandra Smith.  I have been having Reiki treatments with Sandra for many years.  I've always found the treatments to be relaxing and calming.  I am a psychiatric nurse practitioner providing integrative psychiatry and I care for many people with sadness and/or long term psychiatric issues and Reiki always rejuvenates my heart and soul.  


When I saw Sandra last week I had a compressed nerve in my neck that was causing excruciating pain from my neck down my right clavicle and right arm.    It was very painful to turn my head to the right or to rotate my head.  It had been so bad that while sitting in pain at work one day, I impulsively ordered an ergo cushion for my chair and a laptop desk in hopes that the position changes and improved posture would provide me some relief.  I get this pain periodically and over time with proper posture, stretches and chiropractic adjustments it will calm down and decrease my pain, but this had been going on for well over a month with no relief.  The pain was intense before my Reiki treatment but I did not tell Sandi about it as I figured it was out of the realm of what Reiki could treat. During my session Sandi kept being 'drawn back" to this area of my neck and shoulders.  By the end of the Reiki treatment, the pain was completely gone.  I sat up and was able to rotate my head and turn it with no pain.  It was truly the most miraculous healing I have ever experienced personally.  


I am so grateful to Sandi that I was able to resume my life pain free.  Reiki is amazing and I highly recommend Sandra Smith.  

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In March of 2012, our daughter badly injured her knee in a sports event at her college. She required months of healing and physical therapy before her ACL Replacement and meniscus repair. I was living in Spain and flew home to be with her for her surgery. My first phone call was to Sandra. I requested she come to the house a few days after the surgery to start Reiki sessions on our daughter.

Her healing was greatly improved from the Reiki sessions, as after a session there was a marked change in the redness, swelling and heat radiating from the extensive surgical site. After only two weeks, our daughter saw her surgeon. He was amazed as he looked at her knee. She had barely and residual swelling and bruising and excellent healing of the incisions. He called in his physician’s assistant to look at her knee, and they both stated that our daughter’s knee was the best looking post-operative exam they had ever seen, that it looked phenomenal. I told them we treated her with Reiki and some supplements. As they stood there and looked at her knee, one fellow said, “Do you think we could get the ARMY to pay for Reiki for all of our surgical patients?” “This is incredible.” I am happy to report that our daughter is now two weeks into her Physical Therapy and expects to be released to fly to Spain with a full recovery in the end of July, a full month sooner than we were expecting.

Thank you Sandra for your wonderful work and compassion towards others, a big hug and a kiss from us all!




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